Artist & Character Bio


Age: Up There

Species: Moonigan

Bio: Operator of has a bizarre obsession with putting cute guys in halter tops and bikinis. What a sicko.


Onta's Characters

Name: Devin

Age: 600

Species: Unigan

Bio: A chipper, curious Unigan, Devin left the heavens to explore the earth, locking away his ability to fly. Now on his own, he’s meeting new people and having extraordinary adventures.

Name: Chase

Age: 22

Species: Husky

Bio: Chill, easy going guy, he tends to find himself in any number of interesting situations. He tends to go with the flow, quick to agree to bar hopping, road trips, or a good ol’ fashioned fuck. He tends to favor Master/Slave play.

Name: Jesse

Age: 20

Species: Lion

Bio: An unintentional asshole; Jesse is very much the ‘straight’ man of their group and seems in denial about his interest in Marty. Whether or not he’ll get over that is yet to be seen.

Name: Taylor

Age: 21

Species: Badger

Bio: Outgoing, fun, friendly, Taylor is an excitable sort. He likes to go clubbing and is extremely fabulous. Not at all afraid to be himself, no matter how glittery, outrageous or rainbow hued. He is a recent friend of Marty’s.

Name: Marty

Age: 19

Species: Mutt

Bio: A charming young man, Marty has only really ‘come out of the closet’ recently and with it found an enjoyment for the occasional cross-dressing. He’s enamored with Jesse, but has a deep fondness for Mu as well.

Name: Mu

Age: 19

Species: Mule

Bio: Mu is the gentle giant of the three. Kind, thoughtful, he’s sort of the binding that keeps the three together. He’s there for both his friends without question. Faithful would be a good term for him.


Age: 27

Species: Retarded Dragon

Bio: Luckypan hails from the land of ice and snow, where porn is not in much abundance. Once day, she left the chilly home and found Nim-Nim, her best friend and partner in porny crime, and decided it was best to stick around because Nim had some pretty awesome ideas. And so, together they make naughty comics and pictures and go to some conventions to watch weirdos. Luckypan likes horrible videogames, watching horror movies, collecting cute things, and ordering milk at bars.

Luckypan's Characters

Name: Atari

Age: 19

Species: Seal Point Siamese Cat

Bio: A hardcore gamer, "Atari" is just his gamertag online he's most well known by. To anyone close, he's known as Derek Rowe. A typical young man who visits local arcades often and is picked on by a lot of his peers - whether sexually, or just average teasing. He's somewhat bratty and highly competetive and easy to frustrate.

Name: Socks

Age: 20

Species: Snowshoe Hare

Bio: Socks is a gentle rabbit, who likes to travel by foot, by bike and by bus. He can be found reading most the time, or helping out at local shelters. A truely naive fellow, with a horrible crush on a dashing young Lynx that he has various encounters with. He's a true blue friend to anyone, and sometimes a little hard to read emotionally as he keeps to himself. Very quiet and shy.

Name: Killian

Age: 25

Species: Lynx

Bio: Killian is a strong silent type, with a thing for softer younger guys that look up to him. He's a little hardened from a tough life, and has seen a lot of things in his time. He happends to befreind a certain bunny, and seems to stick around him most the time. Being a predatory person, he's quite adept at getting his way and can be quite manipulative to his friends.

Name: Grell

Age: 357

Species: Unigan

Bio: Grell is of the Unigan race and doesn't sport any wings, but is pretty adaptive to being a ground dweller. He's the type to push his body and mind as far as it can go, and then some (he likes restraints). He's a brute, domineering, snide and quick to be skeptical and doesn't make friends easily. He's nomadic and is quite obsessed with human food seeing as he feels it's a luxury that other Unigans bypass.


Age: XX

Species: an OZ-avatar

Bio: Lives in a carton box in cyberspace, holding up a sign saying "Draws porn for money" (little did everyone know that he secretly enjoys it). Gets beaten up senselessly by his Master from time to time.

Powfooo's Characters

Name: Tay

Age: 19

Species: Tiger

Bio: A nice yet loud-mouthed guy who tries to act bigger than he actually is, which usually ends up with him looking like a complete idiot. He is currently confused about his sexual orientation after his first gay experience and has developed a love-hatred towards Dexter

Name: Dexter

Age: 21

Species: Wolf

Bio: A relaxed person who doesn't give a damn about anything unless he gains something from it. Very straight-forward about what he wants. Prefers to screw around with guys (perhaps a girl or two) and takes the dominant role. Doesn't care much for a relationship, but has taken a special interest in Tay.

Name: Rod

Age: 20

Species: Hyena

Bio: Social and enjoys parties. Usually not seen with the main group of the story, but whenever he is it's mostly around Dexter. Always smiling, making it difficult sometimes to see his true intentions. He's interested in women but has a weakness for cute boys with exceptionally cute butts.


Age: Unknown

Species: Robot

Bio: A robot deer with no gender, Peritian lives in a far away, and very bizarre country. They barely know how to speak English and, due to hidden bugs in their programming, they produce a lot of porn. Peritian tends to explode at even the smallest request, and because of this, their desire to be repaired and beaten by their Master can be fulfilled. They have many unknown, special, gears and abilities, one of which is rape-tentacles.

Peritian's Characters

Name: Dean

Age: 22

Species: Hyena Lycaon mix

Bio: Dean is a normal guy, with a superstitious side, making him easy to scare. He has an overly kind heart, and as a result is extremely sensitive to the pains of others. Always willing to give a hand to those in need, he sometimes regrets it, because of people taking advantage of him. Due to this, he is considered nerdy by others and tries to spend his time focusing on his job as an engineer.

Name: Venice

Age: 1500

Species: Gargoyle

Bio: Venice is a living gargoyle, from Italy, that resides on top of a museum roof. During the day, he usually wears a frightening mask, concealing his soft and sensual face underneath. At night, he comes alive and is dedicated to finding people to sodomize.

Name: Stanley

Age: 28

Species: Snow Leopard

Bio: Stanley works as an arms dealer, but ,ironically, is not skilled with any firearms. It’s because of this fact his partners always forced him to do the more menial jobs, such as care for prisoners (that they like to devour). Deep down, he wishes he could live a different life, but is too afraid to change.

Name: Afhes

Age: 19

Species: Barhal

Bio: Afhes is naive and innocent, and was captured by smugglers when he was accidentally discovered by them when returning to his village. He was saved by Stanley who pitied him. Although he is very afraid of Stanley, he holds a strong desire to see him again.


Age: 24

Species: Cat

Bio: Slyus is a drawer of dicks.

Slyus' Characters

Name: Caylen

Age: 19

Species: Fox

Bio: Though he projects a clean and happy image, he can be very mean at times and gets really angry when embarrassed. He's been known to snap at even his closest of friends because of this.

Name: Alex

Age: 18

Species: Cat

Bio: A Brainy sort, he often spends more time studying than socializing. He means well, though he's unaware of how rude he can be, which often lands him in awkward situat.

Name: Russel

Age: 22

Species: Dog

Bio: A short-tempered athlete who spends most of the day at the track and gym. He's always trying to let off stress. He has no problem being blunt or speaking his mind. Most people think he's a total jerk, with the exception of Julian and Caylen.

Name: Julian

Age: 20

Species: Husky

Bio: Although not the smartest by any means, He's usually an easy going, nice guy. He doesn't really think things through, which has landed him in trouble on several occasions. His friends call him Jules.


Age: 25
Species: Slow Loris
Bio: O u O

Savi's Characters

Name: Elliot
Age: 22
Species: Ringtail Cat
Bio: Elliot is a fairly awkward guy with a monster obsession that creeps out most people who get close to him. He's usually pretty shy and quiet, but if you get him talking about something he likes, he will go on and on. He loves horror movies (obviously) and collects expensive monster masks and costumes with the hope that someday he will have a boyfriend willing to wear them. In the meantime, he spends a lot of time fantasizing...